Sleepy sleepy


I am so tired, it seems sleep is definitely not what it use to be. It’s as if I walked into a 2dollar store and bought some sleep there..lasting briefly, bad quality and not worth the money spent on it. There are so many elements missing from my current sleeping pattern.  I think my body clock got confused along the way and was left behind waiting. The catching up is nearly impossible, I think a reboot might be better.

I would have tried the tea thing again..camomile…  But after the very exciting green tea stint, I feel ever so aprehensive about anything requiring no sugar or milk, pale in colour that resembles green or any herbal tea…yuk

The rainy weather today is also not helping much. It’s definitely nature’s lullaby but it’s now just too close to evening to nap. With some luck it might carry on and lull me to sleep later. Yawn..almost weekend 😊