For you my Friend

My friend

Sometimes I see so clearly in your eyes
The sorrow and hurt of certain goodbyes
Your heartache and longing for a mom that you miss
The distance too great between you and your sis

Your confidence in all your abilities down
Too many issues causing a frown
Your tender little heart bearing everyone’s worries
Hearing their troubles, complaints and their sorry’s

Trying always to seem strong and sure
Being a good friend with a heart that’s pure
But sometimes it helps to just shed a tear
To admit to your heartache and sorrows and fear

I wish you could see how wonderful you are
That everyone adores you both near and far
An intelligent women filled with beauty and grace
A wonderful mother and wife with a glow upon her face

If confidence and self love could be placed in a box
I’d give you both in this year’s christmas socks
I’d take a tiny bit of your stubbornness away
saving it for when needed on a rainy day 😉

Love you my friend! You’ll forever be my most favorite unofficial sister-in-law 🙂

Friendship and Love


Two friends were walking down a road and saw a crossroad ahead in sight

As they reached it they saw; to friendship turn left, to love turn right

So the friends took hands and gave each other a deep and caring look

And to the right they decided, this is the road they took

Whilst walking along holding hands their love began to grow

But a slight few cracks of sorrow also began to show

One friend turned toward the other with eyes filled with glistening tears

I have looked upon you and cared for you for so very many years

But you are not mine to have so love for you I cannot feel

In time my friend I hope that the heartbreak and hurt will heal

But this is the part in the road we are on, that we have to split apart

I’ll cherish your love, remember your kisses and forever hold you in my heart

They gave each other one final kiss and said a sad goodbye

They turned and slowly walked away and silently they did cry

Love, laughter, light

The softest embrace
Filled with love, filled with laughter, filled with light..

A tender kiss upon soft lips
Filled with love, filled with laughter, filled with light..

A whispered conversation
Filled with love, filled with laughter, filled with light..

A beautiful soul
Filled with love, filled with laughter, filled with light..

A forever lasting friendship
Filled with love, filled with laughter, filled with light..

Resolutions on track????

Aah yes, sadly as I previously confessed, my new years resolutions fell of my wagon ages ago. Trying ever so hard to beat the flabby, saggy gravity inviting pull of age I have yet again decided to torture myself in trying to stick to some form of diet and exercise. Monday generally being the start of most tortures things, I allocated mine to the start of my new regime.

Mind you that I am equipped with a secret weapon or two in the glorious form of an endearing friend and baby sister that is a personal trainer. My friend and I will try and resume some form of walking, I suggested trying a light jog, but my subconscious mind has been flagging the idea with images of us having to phone for help as we lay on the side of the road in need of water and transport.

My sister suggested her most favorite form of exercise using resistance bands and small weights. I’m getting heart palpetations already and I can seriously feel the impact on my body just contemplating the very idea…but exercise seems definite and I’ll give it a go. Other than exercise, I’m dedicating myself to all things sadly deprived of a sugar content 😦 oh yes, the cherry on this very unsatisfyingly dreary cake is that consumption of water will commence aswell.

(BIG SIGH) If all I get out of this scoundress deal is glowing skin and better all over energy, then it might be worth it. I will however undoubtedly fill my body with all things gloriously sweet over the weekend making sure my hamster cheeks store as much sugary delights as possible! I’ll also have pudding at my monthly book club get together as these are undeniably to scrumptious to say no to.

So holding thumbs for myself, hope to at least make it through one week 😉