Be my ….uuugh

February marks a month filled with little harts and chocolate and ugly stuffed bears, pink fluffy stuff and more. This would be the first Valentines day I will spend officially unattached to anyone in 15 years. It makes no difference really, I don’t cherish any memories of any particular Valentines day that was filled with exciting memories or surprises.

The firm favorites will once again make their appearance, chocolates and flowers…the perfect gift for your hormonal high school sweetheart! Not so much for those of us well past our 1st or second high school reunion date.

Just a little note to the men, whatever you are envisioning as your idea of romantic, it won’t come close to hers… If your idea however might get you a slap from your mates as being ridiculously cheesy… Then you might just have a winner. Don’t do the last minute gift thing…just don’t. Female radar is like a superpower, we’ll know…undoubtedly that you forgot, and thought yourself genius when you quickly popped into the shop for a last minute gift.

I suppose for those romantics at heart that still believe in the constitution of showing affection and doting on their special loved ones, you can easily overt a complete disaster if you focus on a few little things…

Women love sappy… Not always, but on Valentines it could never be too cheesy, or over the top. Try too hard….seriously… Try too hard, it will definitely give you some brownie points. Men should realize that they are expected to possess sudden creative abilities to express their deepest emotions. Yes, dig deep, my friend.

If all else fails you can still hope that if love is all you can give, then that should be enough.

For you my Friend

My friend

Sometimes I see so clearly in your eyes
The sorrow and hurt of certain goodbyes
Your heartache and longing for a mom that you miss
The distance too great between you and your sis

Your confidence in all your abilities down
Too many issues causing a frown
Your tender little heart bearing everyone’s worries
Hearing their troubles, complaints and their sorry’s

Trying always to seem strong and sure
Being a good friend with a heart that’s pure
But sometimes it helps to just shed a tear
To admit to your heartache and sorrows and fear

I wish you could see how wonderful you are
That everyone adores you both near and far
An intelligent women filled with beauty and grace
A wonderful mother and wife with a glow upon her face

If confidence and self love could be placed in a box
I’d give you both in this year’s christmas socks
I’d take a tiny bit of your stubbornness away
saving it for when needed on a rainy day 😉

Love you my friend! You’ll forever be my most favorite unofficial sister-in-law 🙂