Why are all the good men taken?

Why are all the good men taken?

A simple question asked by so many single women with a simple answer that only eludes the ones asking the question in the first place.

Relationships are by no means easy, but also by no means hard. It isn’t constant work and sacrifice or compromise. There are always things we will sacrifice for a loved one, little things we’ll compromise on or even some things we’ll be willing to work on, but if any of those things are significant, then I think you are partnered with the wrong person. If you are constantly compromising and working on your relationship, then seriously…let it go. It should not be that hard to be with someone you love. It should not be constant work. It’s not a job after all.

I think as women we do tend to be more complicated, more moody, more emotional, more demanding etc… I have no doubt men can be that way as well, but let’s face it, we win hands down. I think finding a balance where your partner fills your empty spaces and you his is key to any good relationship. Having someone that not only fills the empty spaces, but adds volumes of love and support, motivation, kindness and friendship makes a great relationship.

You are first and foremost friends after all. If you can feel comfortable enough to expose your raw insecurities and share all your secrets then you have something special. Why else would you spend your life with someone every day if not to be your complete self with that person.

It’s sad that some people will criticize their partners, break down their self esteem, be condescending with every word they say. Taking for granted what they have… Yes it’s very easy to be ungrateful.

I can only speak from a women’s perspective, but you just don’t have the right to do that to your partner! You don’t hurt the people you love. You don’t break them down. So why are all the good men taken?

Because you’re that ungrateful woman that covets what she can’t have. There are undoubtedly available good men out there, but you lack the lifestyle that would make you attractive to them. Being a women does not give you the right to use your moods or emotional insecurities etc as an excuse. Just because he’s a good man, doesn’t mean that’s he’s going to put up with your bullshit.

So there…that’s why all the good men are taken, because we who are fortunate enough to see them for how wonderful they are, will never let them go!

So whilst you still sit there contemplating why you are not happy and why you don’t have a man in your life, I’ll go kiss mine hello, have a bite to eat, snuggle in front of the TV, and remind myself yet again how lucky I am that I saw the things others missed.

That little thing called Happiness…

Happiness…my entire week has been filled with so much of it 🙂 I received some very exciting news on Monday. My “sister-in-law” celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. Needless to say we spent the entire day together not knowing what to do, but having lots of fun. With her pregnancy hormones at a high we consumed an array of different things, had lots of laughs and felt completely exhausted after enjoying yet another oh-so-delicious dinner prepared by her hubby. Wednesday we set off with her soon to be stepmom shopping for a wedding dress… Excitement!!!

Yesterday was my little girl’s birthday, so we spent the morning shopping for a gift, quickly sorted the cake and set off for some baby-chino’s for the girls and some feet-in-the-air whilst they play at a local play centre. We spent the evening with the family at a local restaurant having a few laughs with some beer and good food. My daughter was sooo excited for her birthday to finally arrive and loved all her gifts and spoils. Thanks so much for everyone making her day special!!! I know she has an exciting weekend ahead, so this birthday will be special in many ways.

Sigh… Feeling very tired, and saturated with excitement and celebrations, but oh-so happy.