Song Stuck

My girls both love music.  We bought Jaime a keyboard last Christmas and she has been tutored by her uncle ever since. The in between practises are most painful.  She is a quick learner and can play a few songs. In the moments where all the notes seem to shoot through every nerve ending, bouncing off you inner cavities, I have to remind myself that one day all will be beautiful. And the of course there is the endless singing…The girls love to sing. Meagan, the little one, belts it out no matter how false, with bum shaking, lip pouting attitude… she has the ‘knit one,  slip one” approach, as most of the words elude her. I’m not so bad myself…having to endure endless superstar “concerts”and a never changing Camp rock CD in the car… naturally I too know all the words.  I might just join some menopausal women’s band when I’m 40….wha ha ha.  Sooo with Camp Rock imbedded in my head since this morning;”come as you are, you’re a superstar…world in your pocket and you know it” la la la la, la la