Near impossible is still possible…

It’s been a while.. I usually blog when I need to release my unspoken words and emotions.

So much has changed…

I spoke to someone a couple of days ago about a past relationship and it stirred a few very hurtful memories. I got quite emotional reflecting on it and then in that moment I realised that some hurt takes a very long time to heal.

It can take a long time to build up what someone has broken down.

I had a lot to prove and I did. I had a lot to catch up on and I did.

Then a whole lot of good happened and my current husband and I moved countries. I met some good and horrible people along the way and then my husband gave me a little nudge. I ended up with a new job, surrounded by amazing people and best of all I have a great boss. He is super busy and I can’t quite understand why he takes time to help me develop the things I am interested in. I would hate to waste his time.

My courage and confidence fails me on most days, but hoping to get there in the end.

All in all, my ramblings are less because I have fewer of them. I want to focus on the future now. Learn. Grow. Lead.

I still have a lot to prove. Only this time it is proving it to myself and not to others.

Starting with my mid year goal. It’s near impossible but not unrealistic…I will judge myself again after this and see how it has gone.

The song goes… “steady feet don’t fail me know”.