Friendship and Love


Two friends were walking down a road and saw a crossroad ahead in sight

As they reached it they saw; to friendship turn left, to love turn right

So the friends took hands and gave each other a deep and caring look

And to the right they decided, this is the road they took

Whilst walking along holding hands their love began to grow

But a slight few cracks of sorrow also began to show

One friend turned toward the other with eyes filled with glistening tears

I have looked upon you and cared for you for so very many years

But you are not mine to have so love for you I cannot feel

In time my friend I hope that the heartbreak and hurt will heal

But this is the part in the road we are on, that we have to split apart

I’ll cherish your love, remember your kisses and forever hold you in my heart

They gave each other one final kiss and said a sad goodbye

They turned and slowly walked away and silently they did cry


Magical Mother’s Day!!

Mums are like a magical chocolatey treat
They are kind,good and very sweet.
They make you happy when you feel sad,
And help you celebrate when you are glad
And just like chocolate,
You can never get enough
Of such a sweet and perfect love!

Wishing all mums a fabulously blessed day filled with laughter, love, sticky pictures, burnt toast, kisses, hugs and all the little nothings in between 🙂

As I peer over the ledge

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I wonder what I’d see
Would your eyes be glistening
Filled with tears for me?

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I wonder if your love was true
and every time you think of me,
Will you miss me too…

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I wonder if you remember my embrace
the tender hugs and kisses
Now filled with empty space

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I wonder about the good days and the bad,
Filled with all the love we shared
and all the fun we had

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I wonder if on this day
You’ll sit pondering all the things you
never got to say

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I’d hope to see you smile
And see the sunrise in your eyes
I’d sit and watch you for a while

As I peer over the ledge of heaven
I hope to see you loved
With laughter and with happiness
And my silent kisses from above

Letters to my invisable friends – Dear Fairy Godmother

Dear Fairy Godmother

Why can tears not turn back time? Imagine if they could, wouldn’t it be great?! Instead they are silent drops of hurt and despair. Shapeless and even though they seem clear, they are tainted with stress, worry, sorrow and regret.

Why can’t they be useful? I want my tears to be of some use, to bring relief, to ease my soul, to make me forget…. I want them to do something more than just be a reflection of feelings I would much rather not have. Why do we have the ability to cry if it is such a meaningless act? I hate how tears reflect a hidden inner weakness, how they remain long after they have dried. How they linger and reach so far down into your soul pulling at what hurts so very much.

Why …. Why why why!!!! Why do things happen that hold no hope or promise other than that of hurt that follow on sorrow’s heels?? Why do we make decisions that we know would undoubtedly leave us with regret? Why do we do things or say things we never should?

I hate that tears glisten when they serve no purpose of happiness… I hate that they bear silent witness… I hate that they communicate emotions and words that you want to trap forever!

I want them to help…and they are not! I want you to make them help!!
I want you to make them meaningful!!

Your friend in need

Whispered Sorrow

Veiled behind dark eyes the sorrow of what remains forbidden
Unsaid words that will never be spoken and forever remain hidden

Never knowing forever longing
In silence and tears half broken-hearted
Wishing paths could combine and not be parted

Tormenting dreams haunting, the message rings clear
Nothing more to be said, no words to hear

As endless as the infinite sky a lingering feeling remains
Better by far to forget and clear this soul of stains.