Sensory bliss

My husband says I have ‘spidey senses’ when it comes to my sense of smell. I usually sniff out most things before anyone else does. But it is something I love. I identify people by their smell and can sit and just emerce myself in the amazing fragrances around me. From people’s body lotion, to washing powder or fragrance…it’s my most favorite. It comes with draw backs as not everyone smells equally pleasant 😊.

I also love textures. Fabric of couches, paintings, clothing. I want to trace the lines with my fingers and feel the roughness or smoothness of everything.

I know, it’s weird, but it is just the way I take in the world around me.

Tonight we opened a bottle of my most favorite Chardonnay.. the first sip was just magical. Buttery with smells of toasty oak and deliciousness! It instantly put me in my happy place. It’s like goosebumps when someone slowly runs their finger across your arm. Just so amazing.

I just find the world so much more colourful when I give in to everything that tantalizes my senses.

So as I slip between my super amazing feeling cotton sheets, with a glass of aromatic wine, smelling the faint smells of perfume as the girls pop in to say goodnight, I feel satisfyingly stimulated in my sensory bliss.

The love of books…

There is something about the smell trapped inside the pages of a book that is magnetically alluring. It is almost as if every story has it’s own unique aroma. I absolutely love reading, and can loose myself in the pages of countless books that give me an excuse to trail off into some alternate reality.

I’m privileged to be a part of a book club consisting of ten hilariously funny, sweet, endearing, supportive, strong women. We get together each month over a few glasses of wine and succulent dinners. Our “library” has grown and consists of an enormous amount of glorious books from which we can have our pick.

I love reading practically anything. Few things can soothe me as much as the words written on the pages of a good book. I have just finished Clockwork Prince, the second book in The Infernal devices series by Cassandra Clare. It follows on The Mortal Instruments series by the same author. I loved these books…fiction and romance intertwined beautifully! Amongst the many quotes in the book, this is my most favorite:

“The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed” – Charlotte Bronte, “Evening Solace” ”

Absolutely beautiful…I loved reading through the finely written paragraphs that caught my breath leaving me grinning and breathless.

I usually read at least two books per month, over December holiday I read twelve. I always feel spoiled knowing that I have enough time on hand to indulge in reading as much as I do. I haven’t been able to read an e-book though. The thing about real books are that sensation you get from paging through crisp pages with a story trapped within them, old yellowed pages that has transcended through countless hands and fingers and eyes taking in every word. E-books hold a story, but not a sensation of literature.

A good book gives you wings and a lightness to soar upon the words and phrases of someone else. Can’t wait to get my hands on another gloriously satisfying and enchanting book to read!

Cough sneeze wheeze

I do not understand how people could get addicted to cough mixture. I believe taking too much medicine can never be a good thing, but after a week of constant coughing and feeling very congested to the point where my voice is starting to fade away (much to my husband’s delight I suppose), I decided to finally give up and went and bought some cough mixture. Seeing a well known brand I felt comfortable with my choice and purchased my soon to be relief remedy.

Upon arriving home I immediately checked the dosage and proceeded to pour it into a spoon. So as this foul smelling brown liquid filled the spoon, I contemplated whether I should have had some water on hand, but immediately dismissed the thought seeing as I’m not a child after all.

Mistake of epic proportions!!! Besides the thick consistency and putrid smell, the taste was absolutely terrible. It was almost as if my body rejected it and I had to seriously focus on swallowing it rather than spitting it out. I grabbed some much needed water and tried to rid my mouth of the taste to no avail. I progressed to juice and that seemed to help… A bit. I wonder if it actually cures your cough, or just sends your body into so much shock that you forget about coughing…the latter seems to be a greater possibility to me.

Yuk yuk yuk!!!! So either people that are addicted to cough mixture, have serious taste bud problems or I obviously bought the wrong brand. Facing my dosage before bed, I am well prepared… Two glasses of juice, something sweet (as reward to myself for drinking the putrid medicine 😉 ) and a slightly smaller spoon. Have a dose is still better than none at all.

Mental note to self: when the girls don’t want to drink their cough medicine, they are not being fussy, they simply feel tortured.