Lusciously liquorice

I feel progressively proud for not indulging in chocolate for a while now. I did have a huge bowl of chocolate ice-cream last night, but it was a freezing night and the chilled air always makes me feel in the mood for smooth crystallized scoops of dairy. Trying to fill the chocolate void, I found myself turning to other treats. I frequent two shops where I normally pop in for milk and dried fruit, and it so happens that both of these shops stock glorious liquorice.

The one has the liquorice tubes filled with soft candy, the brown one is my absolute favorite! I can have the pink or orange, but they tend to be a bit sweeter. The other shop has those flat strips made of smaller strips, and also the normal long round strip. Yummeee.

I just realized whilst buying a few things,that even the people at the shop have taken note of my small addition that I normally get, when the guy told me they just got a new batch of liquorise in. It is truly yummy and definitely leaves me satisfied for much longer than most treats with a taste that lingers long after you are done munching away.

Liquorice comes from the liquorice root. Who would have thought a root could give so much satisfaction! There is an active ingredient in liquorice herb called glycyrrhizin, a sweetener more than 50 times as sweet as sucrose. Licorice root has a bunch of health benefits including helping with asthma, athlete’s foot, body odour, chronic fatigue, depression, colds and flu, coughs, dandruff, and tooth decay, ulcers, liver problems, menopause, soar throat, and arthritis.

The list seems endless with many more benefits that I have not even mentioned. So reflecting on that, I feel much less guilty for indulging in this wonderful treat that is surely black gold.

Oh so artificial snacks

So, with the girls in bed and hubby off to go play squash, I’m left with my electric blanket and a movie….but I’m feeling very adventurous and in the mood to explore through the deep dark box filled with party sweets awaiting to be gobbled up by little ravenous mouths.

Surely I cannot possibly give the children treats without making sure they are safe and tasty 😉

First on the list; caramel blasts – exploded corn puffs drenched in rivers of caramel that will blast your taste buds to outer space…lol. It contains sugar, salt, baking soda, glucose powder and separating agent. I wonder what is separates? And yes I’ve had almost 4 packets, but they are only 24g each…

Next on the list; ice-cream mallow gummy. I LOVE these, each individually wrapped, miniature ice-cream cone with marshmallow dipped in sugar and gooey stuff at the bottom…yuuummmyyy.. Ingredients sound a bit dodgey and a lot of hardly pronounceable explanations for a 5g sweet.

Moving on…chocolate pasta – semi soft chocolate in half a straw sized tube that you can squeeze into your mouth. Tastes a bit weird, but hey…it’s fun to squeeze little worms of chocolate into your gaping mouth 🙂
Ingredients written so small it cannot possibly be read…maybe not such a bad thing?

Last, after which I’ll no doubt have another caramel blast into space -chuckle – is the infamous glow in the dark lollipops, or diamond candy with glow sticks. Lots of ingredients of which most only contain an alphabet letter with a number attached. The packet says “press to bright” wha ha ha… That means snap the stick t activate the glow… Made in China
I love asian people!

Munch munch ….

Comfortly delicious

What is it about comfort food that makes it sooo deliciously irresistible? I have come to the conclusion that butter is a drugged ingredient that when added to sweet treats or general food, makes it just so much more delightful… I love butter. It has to however be mixed with gloriously grainy, specs of sugar… […]

To eat or not to eat… what was the question?

Sooo another cold day in Cape Town. Worse than just leaving a chill in my bones, this cold, gloomy weather leaves me craving all things sweet. I was spoiled by my baby sis with some jellybeans yesterday and since then my cravings have only grown to oversized, impossible to ignore, blind madness.

It is just like men and beer, they can’t have one…they need a sixpack! I need a sixpack of sugary delights!! Giant jellybeans are my favorites. I don’t know how other people enjoy or eat their treats, but I have a system. I group them by color, always bite the tip of first to get that first taste of whichever wondrously delicious flavor I’m having, and then I savor every little bit of the chewy goodness mmmmm

Glorious, I love every color except yellow… Yukky, tastes like soap. But every other delicious color will without a doubt be devoured. I always contemplate not over indulging but what an enormous waste of time… I know I will with undoubtable certainty grab for the nearest packet and retreat to a warm bed with a book … Slightly drooling and very satisfied 🙂