Speak up…

I thought I would share a recent funny moment with you all.

Monday morning I woke up a little late and rushed the girls to get ready as I wanted to be at work early. Meagan asked if I can stop at the ATM so that she can withdraw some cash.

Feeling a little annoyed, knowing I won’t get to work when I wanted to, I reluctantly stopped. I checked with her that she knows how to withdraw money, she confirmed and popped out of the car to go to the ATM.

As I sit watching her, I see her lean closer to the screen…and then I hear her say “hello….hello….” I jumped out of the car and walked over, asking her what on earth she is doing.

“It said..your voice is your identity” she replied. At this point I was cracking up so much! So I told her it’s an add on the ATM screen for your phone banking.

Very calmly she replied; “well I thought I needed to speak to it before I got my money, so I just said hello”

Definitely made me chuckle 😂


Keep it simple

My mom’s birthday has come and gone, along with another father’s day. This year was a bit better, maybe it’s in part because I know I will see them in a couple of months…

Drove home tonight and finally sent my baby sister a voice note. I don’t do too well with Skype… seeing family and not being able to touch them is still too hard. Got home feeling exhausted and saw a message.

In that moment where I heard her message…and voice, I felt like I just wanted to be home. To go home and just sit and have a glass of wine with my mom and relax. No pressures to do more or do better or to move house or to stay or too make friends or or or…

Just something simple.


Gosh, I must admit it has been a crazy few weeks and it won’t ease up for a while. We have been working on marketing for our daughter’s hockey team fundraiser for weeks. The annual art exhibition and sale was a success and had over 700 people attend.

I exhibited 3 pieces of which 2 sold within the first few hours, so I am very grateful. I have been commissioned to replicate the one for a customer and I’m quite excited about it. It was great standing silently as people discussed my paintings, touched the rough layers and took photos.

I have had an underlying cold that has caused me to have two difficult weeks of little sleep feeling very grumpy and took of today to try and get some much needed sleep.

My husband and I spent the morning taking down promotional posters and I had a good nap this afternoon before starting the process of looking for a new rental and checking up on work email.

As I head off to bed feeling no more refreshed and ever more tired, I have a great sense of accomplishment and feel very grateful to have survived the busy weekend. Met heaps of new people, have some possible new opportunities and got to spend all of it with my best friend, working alongside me all the way.