Stay strong

The world has been forced to go to sleep in an attempt to try and isolate itself against the tentacles of the COVID19 virus.  Challenging times for so many families. The impact of lost jobs and economies being crushed under the weight of the cascading overflow of the virus spreading at an alarming rate.

So many lives lost, and for those in isolation, an unimaginable few weeks ahead. Shopping has become a crazy, panicked experience. People arguing over insignificant items to buy. 
With all the negative reactions, increased cases of infections and daily bad news, it is easy to become swallowed up by it.

But through all this, there is a balance of good as well. Time… for many families to spend time together to reconnect, to play games, to do chores together and just to talk.  Not seeing work colleagues for weeks in person makes you appreciate those personal interactions so much more. 

Not being able to reach out and touch people to show love, care or support…a simple birthday hug or kiss. The small things we have come to devalue through time, will be the things we appreciate once we have them back.

I hope you are all with the people you love, if not,  then I hope this time helps you to form connections with the people you are forced to be with, help you reconnect with the people you love, or simply give you more time to just play a few games, have a few extra chats.

Stay safe everyone, you are all so very very important to someone else that loves you. Make sure you do what you need to do to keep yourself safe for them, and in return keep them safe also.

4 weeks… we can do this. 

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui


When I was much younger, a very close friend that loved me dearly, told me how he loves the way I see the world…in shades of color. I was only 17 at the time, and he was spot on. I used to always tell him how I looked at the world and tried to think which colors I would need to mix, to paint what I saw.

Looking at the sky I always see the different shades, looking at flowers…anything really, it’s always a blend of beautiful colors.
It was so long ago, but today, more than double the amount of time has passed…and then…out of the blue, someone mentioned the way I view the world.

In an instant I remembered the conversation I had at 17 as if it was yesterday. Along with that memory so many emotions came flooding back. We get older and so easily loose sight of things, of who we are. I have always seen the world in shades of color, it is something so ingrained in my being. It will never change. 

Sometimes, we just have to stop, pause and remind ourselves of our rainbows. Don’t miss out on a moment that can be a special memory for years to come. Rather take the chance, grab the moment  have the conversation, express the feeling, steal the kiss…without these special memories, we exist, but we don’t live.

The journey starts

With my eldest daughter starting her first year at Uni this week and my youngest starting year 10, our conversations are often about direction and the future. Where they want to be, what they want to achieve and how they want to steer themselves in the right direction to get to their goals.

Something I often tell them in our discussions about friends or challenges, is to identify what they do not want, and what they do not like. It may seem somewhat negative, but I strongly believe that identifying what you do not like in any situation or in yourself, can help you to focus on what you do want to do.

Establishing your values, and knowing what your opinions are and having the conviction to stand by them. Entering the work force where focus is so centred on profit and performance, it could be challenging finding value in what you do every day. Work can become a soul draining experience to put food on the table.  

I want them to find their purpose, fail and try again, and fail and try again.. until they find their fire, and I want them to find a company to work for who’s values align with theirs. It pains me when people can’t see past their paycheck. You will always have that in any company, people being there just because they have to be. Frustratingly ignorant, complaining but never taking the time to ask the right questions. They don’t take the time to understand the corporate strategy, they don’t take the time to ask how decisions are made, they don’t ask about profit margins, have no idea of the growth strategy and where they fit in. 

I want my girls to question, to be curious and ask those questions. To go seek the value they can bring to any job they enter into after having knowledge of the company they have chosen. Knowing their purpose and knowing how they fit into the much bigger puzzle of adding value and service. I want them to work hard and be forward thinking. And most of all, I want them to be kind. Life will have many challenges and hard conversations. You don’t have to be an ass to get your way. People…all people, are valuable. 

There are too many people chasing a big paycheck and far too few people finding purpose and fulfillment in what they do. 

My wish for them is to live a life of purpose.

And so .. the first one’s journey begins.