Brace yourself…

I need an expert and perhaps a little luck.. Too much to ask for? With two kids waiting to get braces I need to win the lotto. I don’t need the big win, just a sub sub sub division win. 😊 
Curse those damn bad genetics lol.  Oh well, at least I won a bonus ticket. Who knows perhaps it will be the one. 

When people told us braces in NZ were expensive they were not joking. All my daughter wants for her birthday is a set of braces to get her pearly whites in line. Poor thing. June is looming and this mother is not much closer to getting it done with Murphy’s Law creeping in every single chance it gets.

Here’s hoping that bonus ticket will pan out… that with an amazing stroke of luck and I could have myself one very very happy girl.

Holding thumbs 😊


New Sunsets and Full moons


We were sitting on our balcony staring at another absolutely amazing moon. For some unexplained reason the sunsets and rising full moons have been breathtakingly stunning lately.

We have had some lovely weather of late.. well according to us anyway. Some people think it is too humid, others don’t like the bits of rain, but we have enjoyed it.

Life is just so busy lately.  Our days start so late, but end just as late and by the time we have had dinner it is almost bed time for the girls.  We do however get chance to just sit and have a glass of wine and take in the silence surrounding us when the sun sets and the moon rises.  It is just so quiet where we stay, something we are definitely not used to.

Evenings you are lulled of to bed by silence and early morning you are woken by all the different sounds of birds that sound as if all they do is work hard at creating their amazing symphony of harmonic notes.

Weekends still seem like a blind rush with no rest, but with kids there are just always something that has to be done, something last minute needed 🙂

All in all it’s kinda nice.. definitely does not replace home in any which way or form, but it’s nice.



Almost 10


So June marks my baby girl’s birthday… Double figures.. BIG sigh. It’s strange how she seems so little but so big at the same time. Suddenly her legs seem to be endless and she has been growing at at rate that would put the best genetically modified vegetables to shame.

Double figures… Finally turning 10. Her birthday marks the point in my life where I will never again have a child that is young enough to be in the range of 1 to 9.

I feel a sense of loss. She will always be the baby, but it is still so final. She has been studying for her first exam that starts tomorrow. Big kid stuff, long gone are the small tests. The pictures of stick men and big yellow sunshines in the corners of a page has turned into intricate family portraits.  Smelling nice now dominates over the musky smell of a dirty todler. Pink lips and perfect hair has taken the place of uncombed messy bed hair.  Sigh, how things change

I don’t feel entirely ready to give over to the changes and looking at the other 3 older kids it is definitely getting harder seeing them all grow up so fast and becoming more independent. Yip this mom will definitely suffer from empty nest syndrome when it arrives.  For now at least they still demand to be tucked into bed and I still get to do their hair… It’s the little things.