Wine time.. Yip and it’s only Monday

Yeah, so there goes the “I’m not drinking during the week” idea… And it was going so baby stepsy well.
I actually had all the good intentions in the world, but with a shoulder set out and determined to put me in excruciating pain, along with several other parts of my back on the path to gifting me with ultimate pain, it’s been nearly impossible. 

So I finally sucked up the courage and made an appointment at the chiro… Well… With excruciating shoulder pain that made me feel like I want to faint and at the same time throw a 2 year old screaming tantrum, I wasn’t left with much choice.

So, appointment made… Easy

Quickly after work… Doable

Arrive early… Of course ( how do you know me)

Thinking… Am I seeing a man or a women…


Women… Yay, better…

Then she asks me to put on a gown. NOW.. As most of my friends know, I have a little issue with strangers touching me, let a lone having to strip down and wear a hospital gown.. Not ideal

Underwear..  Damn, should have put on some granny panties..

Socks.. Not holey, smell fresh.. Ok, ready

Then the fun part starts, she tells me how stiff everything is, tries to converse to keep my mind of what’s coming. Sadly I know this drill too well. After the sound of bones cracking to the point where the lines of “are they breaking or being reset” are blurred. Or maybe it seemed blurry because of the involuntary tears that shot to my eyes.

None the less.. Done.. “you will feel very bruised, you had a lot that needed to be set”

Yes lady, thanks, now let me go. Stoked that I need to come back for the second instalment of this amazing pain inflicting session.. NOT.

But hey, she was amazing,  did an amazing job.. It’s just the process. Two more and I’ll be good as new for a good long while.

But as the pain is setting in and I know without any doubt I am going to suffer a slow painful demise tomorrow..  I will stop whining and start wining.

I need love and pudding and wine.. And chocolate…  Maybe flowers… Soooo not feeling sorry for myself at all.  Lol 😁 




Puddles… What a day. I wish I could blame the tea, but after two consecutive nights of very bad sleep I just could not get myself to sip on anything other than coffee.

I had a ginormous cup of the glorious green monster yesterday morning but it left me feeling a little weak and shaky so I opted for a break.

It’s strange that a small task like writing a letter or meeting with someone can evoke such a stressful feeling in oneself. Sigh… Glad today has come and gone. It wasn’t chalenging, did not pose to stimulate large quantities of mental application, but it was super difficult to say the least.

Like I said, puddles.. I feel like a puddle of emotions all squished together.  I have come to believe that the human body has not been designed to experience so many different emotions all at once. And I’m a women, we are basically all emotion anyway, but there is a limit…definitely.

My mom has just completed a part time human resources course and missed her distinction with 1%. I feel so proud.. Another emotion to add to the already overflowing bag. Excited to go home and see my oh-so-gorgeous other half… sad to leave work…happy that the coffee is nice and sugary…unhappy because I scoffed a bag and a half of chips….delighted that I left half a bag of chips without finishing it… Unsettled because I have so much to do…accomplished because I managed to do tons today…

Puddles I tell you.. Big sigh. Definitely going to go sip on a glass of red ruby deliciousness.

Tomorrow is another day…

Detox update – the misery


Day 3 of my green tea detox started off miserably.. Tea lady still off sick so I thought I have no choice but to skip. After all my hands are completely incapable of preparing my own little cup of green gunkiness.  Big sigh..but enter the wonderful colleague that spoils me with coffee way too often and whalaaa… cup of deliciousness 😦

So I’m on cup number two.. I think the green tea is definitely altering my mood.  I definitely feel like I’m having a PMS day.  Ladies you would understand.  Not the moody I-want to-kill-hubby-and-kids moody, but the I-feel-like-crying-because-that-tampon-add-is-just-so-beautiful moody.  I can’t deal with anything. Dogs on Facebook – sad, Kids on X-Factor – sad, Smiles from people I work with – sad.  I blame the tea.

So what to do when you can’t melt into an unrealistic puddle of sadness.  It really is tough being a women, I’d much rather just scratch my balls and down tons of green tea like a boss.  But it seems my balls have retracted into my body (and yeah girls, this really does happen to men) and left with very little testosterone to man up, I do kinda feel a little fragile.  Yet again, I blame the stupid tea!

Not sure if this was the best idea, but then i haven’t had the greatest world changing ideas of late. None the less I will finish, or I’ll be finished come end of the week. Either way I will keep you updated. Purely because this is so life changing interesting and I’m sure you have nothing better to do with your time but to read this.

P.S  Feel free to shower me with gifts and comments, and and.. seeing as I’m high on green tea and filled with toxic levels of estrogen coursing through my green tinted veins I need all the support I can get 🙂