Oh so artificial snacks

So, with the girls in bed and hubby off to go play squash, I’m left with my electric blanket and a movie….but I’m feeling very adventurous and in the mood to explore through the deep dark box filled with party sweets awaiting to be gobbled up by little ravenous mouths.

Surely I cannot possibly give the children treats without making sure they are safe and tasty 😉

First on the list; caramel blasts – exploded corn puffs drenched in rivers of caramel that will blast your taste buds to outer space…lol. It contains sugar, salt, baking soda, glucose powder and separating agent. I wonder what is separates? And yes I’ve had almost 4 packets, but they are only 24g each…

Next on the list; ice-cream mallow gummy. I LOVE these, each individually wrapped, miniature ice-cream cone with marshmallow dipped in sugar and gooey stuff at the bottom…yuuummmyyy.. Ingredients sound a bit dodgey and a lot of hardly pronounceable explanations for a 5g sweet.

Moving on…chocolate pasta – semi soft chocolate in half a straw sized tube that you can squeeze into your mouth. Tastes a bit weird, but hey…it’s fun to squeeze little worms of chocolate into your gaping mouth 🙂
Ingredients written so small it cannot possibly be read…maybe not such a bad thing?

Last, after which I’ll no doubt have another caramel blast into space -chuckle – is the infamous glow in the dark lollipops, or diamond candy with glow sticks. Lots of ingredients of which most only contain an alphabet letter with a number attached. The packet says “press to bright” wha ha ha… That means snap the stick t activate the glow… Made in China
I love asian people!

Munch munch ….


Mother-In-Law Squares

As promised sooo very long ago, a super delicious recipe for gloriously moreish squares… You’ll only love it if you love licorice.

125g Butter

1/2 tin Condensed milk

375g Licorise Allsorts (mini)

1 Packet Marie biscuits (crushed)

1 Husband to crush biscuits

Melt butter and add condensed milk.  Get biscuits from hubby and add together with licorice allsorts.  Mix and press into dish 20cm x 30cm.

85g Vegetable Fat or White Marg

170g Cooking Chocolate

Melt Marg and chocolate and spoon over mixture in dish. Place in fridge, cut into fingers…. and wha la … scrumptious, drewl-at-the-thought, melt-in-the-mouth delights

Deliciously Easter

As Easter approaches we gear up with the latest trends.  Beautiful felt Easter baskets for the girls, bunny ears ect.  It’s a pity that it is so unbelievably expensive to buy anything wrapped in colourful foil…But still, we conform to society and crumble to the desires of the powerfully manipulative little beings we call children.  But it is still one of my most favourite times of the year.  I am all for buying bucket loads full of chocolate eggs, not so much the marshmallow stuff… You see, I’m an extremely helpful mommy. When the girls have had their fill, then I’m on standby to devour the smooth, deliciously sugary leftovers.  I am of the opinion that grown –ups should be spoilt with all the Easter delights. There are lots of bunnies and grown up treats, but how utterly boring.  I want all mine just as colourful and filled with surprises.  I must say, I do enjoy building and constructing those little toys with expertise and folding all the little bits of coloured foil… oh and of course  unwrapping all things chocolate is just as glorious as eating it… So my wish for this year is my very own basket full of delectable delights, surprises and more…and I can with 100% certainty guarantee…NO left overs!!!

Fruity delights

I absolutely love everything chocolate…and I mean EVERYTHING!! Actually I do quite enjoy any sweet treats.  I can easily devour a whole pack of liquorice all sorts, wash it down with some jellybeans and have another two big slabs of chocolate.  I do sometimes feel a little bit sick, ok… allot a bit sick.  But after a brief pause I’m ready for more.  It is however, the little gems you sometimes find mmm even the non-chocolate ones.  On a recent trip to the shop, I came across these little red packets with fruity chews inside.  Thought I’d spoil the girls and bought them each a packet and two for myself. Not unfair I think, I am twice their size, so needed two.  Now let me tell you… in one word… AWSOME… little soft sugary chewy delights.  Safe to say I went back the following day and bought all ten packets that the shop had hanging.  While I waited to pay, a lady looking like she skipped her repair and maintain routine the nights before, turned to me and said in a very snotty raspy voice ‘’are you going to buy all those?’’.  I looked at her and thought; No women, I just felt like taking them all down, standing in the queue and then putting them back.  But what came out was a brut dry ‘’Yes’’ response.  She gave me a ‘’I’m annoyed’’ sigh and stared at me for a few more seconds before proceeding to ask the shop assistant if they had any more.  After she got a ‘’No’’ response, I paid and gloatingly walked out popping a few sugary delights into my mouth… grin grin… gloat gloat… tush to you women!