It’s been a while…

3 months to be exact, that’s if I believe my blog stats…I haven’t posted in a while not for a lack of words but a lack of time. 
Words never leave me. They always seem to fill my mind at night when I need them to be silent so that I can get some sleep. I don’t verbalise my thoughts to most people during my day, therefore my husband suffers with my ranting at the end of it. He hears all the words I selectively voice in my mind throughout my day and that I can only utter to him for understanding.

Words are so powerful, careful consideration should be given before letting them loose. I work in customer support and had a recent week filled with lashings from customers and service providers, worse of which was a swearing session directed at me about me wasting someone’s time after giving them a friendly call to update details that would only reflect good on them.

It’s moments like those where you question how a basic friendly answer is beyond some people and how little they care about the way they speak to another person.

One thing I have learned in the last year is that it takes more of you to be selective in your choice of words but you walk away with it knowing you have integrity and that you do not have to feel ashamed of how you treat other people. 

To some it’s not what you do that matters, it’s what you don’t do. Words come easy to them and leave them just as easily.

Last night my husband and I had a late night coming home and went to get take out for the kids for dinner. We were exhausted and just wanted to get home. The place we went to had a sudden rush of people and limited staff resulting in us waiting really long.

The staff were clearly swamped but friendly to everyone including irate customers. Leaving with melted slushies for the kids we were just happy to have been served.

Upon arriving home we noted we were given some free dessert for our wait. If anything I was just greatful for the friendly service. Words and how you treat people are so important. It teaches us not only about people but about ourselves.


Then there was one…


It is strange how you can be surrounded by people who know you, no, rather people who think they know you,  but they don’t get it.

They “care” and they “love” you… Hmmm

Today was significant, it was or should have been. Just a day like any other, to everyone that “knows” you. To everyone that “loves” you. But if those people took a second to think of anyone other than themselves for a minute, to not be consumed with how you treat them for once, but consider how their actions directly affect you, then they would realise today was significant.

It is usually the “nice” people..the water off a duck’s back people, the “I don’t judge and love all and would never care if you did this or that” people … The ones that are so preoccupied in constantly reminding you of how difficult or judgemetal you are, it is those people… That miss when things actually mean something to you

They are so busy being perfect and nice and likeable, and believe themselves when they say they don’t judge and wouldn’t do whatever or is never affected by whatever that they have become numb..Numb and judgemental and incapable of even trying to understand anyone that acts in any other way that is out of their scope of “normal”

You are judged and made to feel you are always wrong..and end up with days that are significant, but that will never be noticed by the all consumed “all about everyone else but actually all about me” people.


Well today was significant

Out of all the people only one person knew, only one person gave comfort, one person that was not the closest relative, not bestest friend, not closest confidant… No… But that one person with perceptive, that looked beyond everything and gave comforting words and support.

Today was uniquely significant for me… And I will never forget this person,  and I will never forget the rest who did not for a split second even consider the possibility that it could have been a significant day..

I will remember when words were needed most, she was there and everyone else were perfect and judgemental as they usually are.

Birthday Tatts

Sooo, my birthday turned into a birthday weekend full of spoils. We spent most of the weekend with all our kids, sipping on wine and relaxing. As wonderful as it was, I was looking forward to my postponed birthday gift from my dearest 🙂

Wha laaa 🙂 🙂

10349156_10153184679143385_6547446952877235769_n 11031644_10153184677768385_5215123249384083370_n

He went first … I considered chickening out, but mustered up enough oh-so-much-needed courage and after about 6 minutes I was branded for life 🙂  And YES YES, it did hurt! I am definitely not one for pain inflicted on purpose. Now it’s been about 3 days of healing, still looking a little bruised but healing well, so hopefully any discomfort and pain will soon be forgotten. I might opt for another one in future, but definitely not any time soon.

Hop, skip.. Tra-la-laa


What a month! It has wizzed by. I’m completely exhausted with work and life taking it’s toll. In a great way though. It’s been busy but rewarding at the same time. I love a good challenge. Feeling overwhelmed with tasks I think I can’t get through just to prove to myself I could.  Work is amazing, and my personal life even more amazing.

There’s so many exciting things in the near future.  I yet again feel overwhelmed with all the planning required, but I’m also so excited that I want to burst.  Sigh…. Happy happy

Bella-B kids couture

I started a small business making clothing for little girls. Fulfillment and excitement are always emotions I feel when making something new 🙂

Trying the on-line shopping and selling process, I have been listing things on on auction. It’s very exciting when bids come in! I love the entire process!!

Feel free to have a look under girls’ clothing and accessories, dresses and skirts , or join my facebook page: