Sleepy sleepy


I am so tired, it seems sleep is definitely not what it use to be. It’s as if I walked into a 2dollar store and bought some sleep there..lasting briefly, bad quality and not worth the money spent on it. There are so many elements missing from my current sleeping pattern.  I think my body clock got confused along the way and was left behind waiting. The catching up is nearly impossible, I think a reboot might be better.

I would have tried the tea thing again..camomile…  But after the very exciting green tea stint, I feel ever so aprehensive about anything requiring no sugar or milk, pale in colour that resembles green or any herbal tea…yuk

The rainy weather today is also not helping much. It’s definitely nature’s lullaby but it’s now just too close to evening to nap. With some luck it might carry on and lull me to sleep later. Yawn..almost weekend 😊


Daily Coffee


I woke up this morning rushing to get the girls up and everything ready for the day.  Normally I would prepare most things needed the night before, but between a quick visit and coffee with a friend, a game of squash with my love and a visit with family after, we ended up having a late night. To add to the chaos my daughter forgot her school uniform at aftercare and we had to go and fetch it from the very accommodating lady late last night.  We finally had a very very late supper and a glass or two of wine which I was hoping would ensure some good and well needed sleep.

My friend advised me that clearing your mind and thinking of a white wall is a good way to get to sleep, and I tried… I really did… white wall, white wall, white wall.. to no avail. After what felt like hours I finally fell asleep just to wake up with my alarm sounding almost instantly 😦

So whilst rushing to get ready all I could think about is how desperately I craved coffee, and needed it.  I eventually had a quick moment to make a cup but had hardly any time to drink it. Safe to say I felt grumpy  and annoyed that I could not wake up and sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy it.  I realized on my way to work that my morning coffee is undoubtedly a necessity. My youngest daughter is very much like me and has to start her day off gently, if not she is moody the entire day. Well I feel moody, yes it’s very much “trowing-a tantrum” like behavior, but I do.

I’m having a rough time trying to uplift my deprived-of-morning-coffee mood. These are the moments i wish my dad still woke up at the crack of dawn, made us all coffee, and came and woke us up for school. Sigh, the disadvantages of no longer living with your parents 😉


Car alarms… Maybe it’s just here in South Africa, but when we hear a car alarm go off, we are anything but alarmed. I suppose it serves more as a deterrence than an actual theft proofing system.

Typical Murphy’s Law, as we snuggle in bed after an exhausting day, some or other neighbor’s car alarm goes off. Normally we wouldn’t be fased, but this one was very strange. The pitch got higher and higher and faster and faster.

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought the car was taking off. Definitely sounded like it was launching itself into space. After it finally stopped, I thought “ok, so maybe it did take off”, and went to bed. Sipping on my morning coffee it was definitely confirmed that it had indeed not launched itself into space as the alarm sounded again, waking the late weekend sleepers…

Sigh, I wish it had rather taken off…most annoying alarm ever.

Steped up Step Mom

My girls have a new lady in their lives… On days like today where I scrutinize everything breaking it all down and questioning everything, I am once again reminded of the blessings that surround me regardless of everything else.

This lady is definitely one of them. My ex-husband’s new girlfriend. Reading all the fables and tales as young children, we are so indoctrinated with images of what we deem a step mom would be. My girls had all these fears of sprouting wings and poisoned apples.. Lol, not literally, but it came down to it that no step mom would ever be good.

I remember my initial discussions with them about the topic and all the reassurance they needed. Today I feel reassured, I know when they are not with me they are in good hands. I’m a paranoid mom, I worry about everything…too little sunblock, too much sugar, too little food, too much swearing, too little discipline, too much discipline, lunch boxes, extra clothes, outings, a safe driver driving my girls around… I worry about everything! It’s terrible worrying about your child’s safety and welfare if you cannot control it.

Knowing they are safe and well looked after leaves me breathing a little easier.

Mortifing mosquitoes

Aaaagh yes, you know Summer is here when you wake up in the morning with mozzie bites adorning your body.

I honestly think it’s nature’s cruel way to punish us in small itchy doses! Like tiny midget flies, just as annoying with added sound effects, leaving an itchy aftermath. It’s strange how just when you dose off thinking of all things serene and wonderful you suddenly hear it…

Those tiny little midget insects from hell, announcing themselves in their very distinctive buzzing way. Always around your head, closing in on your ears just to make sure you can definitely hear them, and then they fly down and go bite you on your ass and ankles!

I hate it! Hate waking up with an itch in the middle of the night and even worse, I hate going to sleep with that all too familiar buzz around my head knowing with out a doubt that someplace, somewhere, sometime that night, they would strike!

You would think they would easily get their fill, but no, one bite is never enough…greedy little bloodsuckers must come back for seconds, and after that snacks and dessert. Big sigh…