A Note to remember


Don’t take for granted what’s right in front of your eyes
Silence or space filled with beautiful lies

Don’t forget to caress and create moments to share
Or else someone else will be stroking through that beautiful hair

Don’t dismiss the words spoken often enough
Failing to hear thinking it’s just about stuff

Forwarned about castles waiting to fall
Not seeing the signs no matter how tall

Don’t act in disbelief once you’ve been burned
Failing to see the lessons unlearned

Don’t forget everything is not always about you
Sometimes moments can involve other people too

Don’t give over to emotion when someone else takes your place
After all, you neglected to fill the empty space

Uniquely you

One And Only You
Every single blade of grass,
And every flake of snow—
Is just a wee bit different …
There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small, like grains of sand,
To each gigantic star
All were made with THIS in mind:
To be just what they are!
How foolish then, to imitate—
How useless to pretend!
Since each of us comes from a MIND
Whose ideas never end.
There’ll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do—
And you should likewise feel very proud,
There’s only ONE of YOU.
That is where it all starts
With you, a wonderful
unlimited human being.
James T. Moore



Too tired to love to caress or to care
Too tired to hug or stroke through someone’s hair
With promises of cuddling, excitement and love
Expectations set better than just above
The waiting and chatter and excited talks
A glass of wine or romantic walks
But too tired to love or caress
Leaving love in a jumbled mess
A moment needed to connect and reflect
But too tired so give over to neglect
Too tired a good excuse as any
Leaving love lost too many
Don’t start your day off setting expectation
If all you do is give a tired explanation

On those days


On the days were your friends fight and argue with you
The in between feelings where you are sad and blue
On days where your homework feels a little too much
With no time for tasks or guitar practice or such
On days where your hair just does not play along
And the words you sing are false in every song
On days where your heart has been broken by a boy
And you are crying and sad and have no joy
On days where you are moody and cross for no reason
And not matter the weather you just hate the season

Remember I’m here…
To teach you to deal with your friends and your foes
And listen to your worries and woes
To remind you there is enough time in your day
for study and practice and to play
To listen to your songs whatever the tune
And dance around like a silly baboon
To remind you that hearts are sometimes broken
And to never lash out at others with harsh words spoken
To teach you that to be grumpy is sometimes okay
and tell you taking it out on others is not the way

Above all just remember this
I’m always here for a cuddle or a kiss
Or a tickle or a squeeze or a hug
Or to tuck you into bed all snug

Love you girls xxxx

Trust .. I think not


Trust is such a fragile thing
difficult to share
it leaves you very vulnerable
exposed with what you bare

you put your faith in those very few
hoping that it will be fine
you share the things you never would
over a glass of ruby wine

and suddenly you see the colors as they are
on a day after you spoke
a spectrum you held dear and close
shattered as it broke

suddenly the question marks on why you’re not yourself
but yet you are yourself in every way
it’s just the trust that has disappeared
the trust that has gone away…