Time flies

Today marks 5 years of being married to my husband. Looking at him sleep this morning (I know, a little creepy lol) filled me with fuzzy joy. He annoys me so much at times, but I can’t imagine not having him there, bouncing straight back with some funny, quirky, dumb moment to smooth it out.

His endless dad jokes which annoys all the kids but cracks me up every time, his silliness and seriousness.

I love it all. We have know each other for over 2 decades, but our journey together still teaches me more about him every day. He does so much for me and makes every moment special, I’m so blessed…and a little spoilt 😁

Sigh… looking forward to sipping on the Prosecco chilling in the fridge tonight.


Whoop whoop…Nearly there

I’m exhausted, and yet so excited I won’t be able to sleep. It’s been a crazy 2 weeks and today was suuuper long. Went in to work at the crack of dawn and came home after dinner. I really felt like falling straight into bed. That was until my sister told me her husband is on his way to drop my parents off at the airport.

They are almost on their way. I feel like I have won the lotto, I am so excited and doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight. I can’t believe they are almost here.

I can’t wait to hug them and take in the familiar smells of everything that is home to me.

We only have a short time together, and a part of me really wishes that we did win just a little bit of lotto to spoil them rotten lol. But I will take what I can get 😁

So happy, in this moment, right now.. happiest I have been in 3 years.

I can’t wait.. Yay!!

Speak up…

I thought I would share a recent funny moment with you all.

Monday morning I woke up a little late and rushed the girls to get ready as I wanted to be at work early. Meagan asked if I can stop at the ATM so that she can withdraw some cash.

Feeling a little annoyed, knowing I won’t get to work when I wanted to, I reluctantly stopped. I checked with her that she knows how to withdraw money, she confirmed and popped out of the car to go to the ATM.

As I sit watching her, I see her lean closer to the screen…and then I hear her say “hello….hello….” I jumped out of the car and walked over, asking her what on earth she is doing.

“It said..your voice is your identity” she replied. At this point I was cracking up so much! So I told her it’s an add on the ATM screen for your phone banking.

Very calmly she replied; “well I thought I needed to speak to it before I got my money, so I just said hello”

Definitely made me chuckle 😂

Not so little princess

My youngest daughter came home today announcing she was chosen for class monitor, she is also a student tutor to her peers, just started her own paper run for extra pocket money and was telling me how she will be saving most of it for Uni. She is super diligent and thoughtful.
The last few weeks have been manic for my husband and I with busy work days, late nights and 4 busy teenagers. I came home one night dredding the mount of washing that was waiting just to find my youngest had folded it all for me. 

Tonight she tagged along to hospital as I went to visit a sick husband and chatting away I realised how much she has grown and how truly independent she has become. Some volunteer staff from St John’s popped in and she was chatting away and being a real little social butterfly. After coming home and feeling exhausted I was spoilt with a cup of coffee. Sitting in bed catching up on work with her sitting next to me reading her book was just so nice.

I was dreading sleeping alone, but she has fallen fast asleep and I’m enjoying the calmest moment I have had today with her snoring away next to me. Seeing those long legs sticking out under the duvet I realise she is not so little anymore, that little princess is growing up way too fast. 

For now I’ll just sit here and enjoy her soft snoring 😴