From Sushi to salted caramel

On Tuesday night we had our book club end of year dinner at my friend Andra’s house. She is an amazing hostess and anything held there is always guaranteed to be absolutely fabulous!

With the food being a surprise and promises of great dessert, I so looked forward to the evening. So after filling a glass with some very matured glorious red wine, I went to have a peep at the table…

Heaven!! Sushi for starters!!! I felt as excited as Charlie in a chocolate factory. Andra’s brother owns Bella Belotta, a restaurant in Wellington Road Durbanville, and they make the most amazing sushi! One of my favorites, the Jerry special is a must have. What I also love about their sushi is that the pieces are bite size… Still a mouth full of sushi gloriousness, but not chipmunk mouthfuls πŸ™‚ I love that!

So after having way too much sushi, we had gourmet burgers for a main and then the dessert. Oh my chocolate happiness, she made salted caramel and chocolate genache with chocolate dirt and a salted caramel macaroon on vanilla mascarpone … Yummmilicious – big BIG GRINN πŸ™‚

I was in heaven!! What a great night with the girls. Thank you my friend!!! It was absolutely amazing!! xxx

Addictively Craving

I have come to the conclusion that I have an addictive personality. Actually, I think I have come to this conclusion several times before, but I really only now truly feel ready to accept it.

I honesty find it so very difficult to refrain from indulging in all the things I love. My addiction definitely ranges between all things delectably delicious right through to non edible but still soul satisfying things.

I have been fighting against my insatiable craving for all things chocolate and have actually been doing very well!! πŸ™‚ I have had some chocolate, but not every day, and not for breakfast ;).

This last week I have been craving anything containing some form of processed sugar cane and cocoa beans…. Sigh…. Chocolate mouse filled with microscopic bubbles of air making it smooth and foamy. I love the feeling of gliding my spoon through the firm yet unbelievably soft decadence, feeling my lips envelop the yummyness, tasting the deeply satisfying sensation of chocolate deliciousness. Yummm

I also crave caramel treat.. I did have some left over after filling a cake, but that little bit just made me want more! Lots more, gloriously golden sweet spoonfulls of pleasure.

Another thought consuming deliciousness that I desperately want is cinnabons. I had one for lunch the other day, but still want more gloriously soul satisfying deliciousness … Cinnamon combined with a soft doughyness, topped with melt-in-the-mouth cream cheese icing. BIG sigh!!

So reflecting on all my recent cravings I have come to the conclusion that I’m undoubtedly addicted… To anything that makes my mouth tingle with delight and awakens all the sensations within my taste buds that scream out with pleasure whenever they come into contact with anything delectable.

Sigh… So whilst my last block of chocolate melts away in my mouth, I feel satisfied with my acknowledgment of my addictions. After all, isn’t the first step to recovery admitting you are addicted? πŸ˜‰

Magical Mother’s Day!!

Mums are like a magical chocolatey treat
They are kind,good and very sweet.
They make you happy when you feel sad,
And help you celebrate when you are glad
And just like chocolate,
You can never get enough
Of such a sweet and perfect love!

Wishing all mums a fabulously blessed day filled with laughter, love, sticky pictures, burnt toast, kisses, hugs and all the little nothings in between πŸ™‚

Sensual Satisfying

Fill a bath with steamy hot water, add a few bubbles, light a few candles and instantly you feel blissfully happy. Well at least that is the effect it has on me. I must just add that some wonderfully glorious vanilla shimmering bath salts and gloriously delicious chocolate bath wash definitely adds more bliss to the experience! I love taking a long soak in a steamy hot bath that leaves my skin tingly and feeling vibrantly alive.

There are scientific facts stating the benefits of taking a bath, baths seem to temporarily stimulate blood circulation and may help to reduce swelling and pain. It also helps you relax if you’re anxious or tense. The drop in body temperature after the bath may help those who can’t sleep.

Your skin will undoubtedly thank you. Bathing in warm water opens up pores and cleanses your skin from the inside out, leaving you soft and supple. Bathing actually lowers blood pressure. Your body will relax and your mind has a chance to wander, leaving the stress of the day behind and filling itself with relaxing sensual thoughts. You’ll also smell fantastically fabulous!! You will also finally have some time alone. You can literally close the door on the outside world and disappear.

Who wouldn’t like to indulge in any one of these wonderful benefits, and besides, It’s wonderfully sensual. Add a few vanilla and chocolate scented candles and it makes a perfect treat!

I love that lovely flush I get from all that steam and warmth, and with a fabulously rich and soothing chocolate body butter to rub onto my skin afterwards. I feel deliciously happy, shimmering and smelling nice enough to lick myself πŸ˜‰ lol

Hope you all go and enjoy a soothing, steamingly delicious and relaxing bath to kick off your week!