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What a month. It has been so busy that I have lost track of time. The girls have been sooo busy!  Starting with a choir trip to Port Elisabeth , Meagan’s first, so she was super excited. Jaime sang a solo in choir so that added to her excitement. Then their choir came 1st in the Country so celebrations were in order.  After the bombardment of news about their hotel stay, the trip and everything else, we thought we had a breather, but no.

Meagan had guitar eisteddfod and practised till late at night, for ages…ages! “In the jungle” has new meaning to me!! She ended up getting a great score so at least the relentless practice paid off. Then off to singing eisteddfod where she scored even better. Between practices it was hectic busy and somewhat noisy ;)

Jaime also had her Jnr Pop Idols Western Cape rehearsals throughout the month and came 7th in her group at the finals held last Saturday. I felt super proud and welled up a bit. It takes so much for all those kids to stand in front of a hall filled with people and sing their harts out. She looked stunning and sang beautifully.

Between the up and down driving it has been crazy. We had family visit, celebrated a birthday, and celebrated a wedding. Big yawn… Feels like there has been no time to sleep.

Really looking forward to a much needed holiday with the kids.

Funny funny

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Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

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It’s difficult to decide what you should do in life to ensure both intelectual and creative stimulation. We spend so much time at work that it is an understatement to say you have to love what you do.

Another difficult challenge is when you want to explore and express your creativity and incorporate that into the career you have chosen.

I spent three years studying information technology only to decide that programming left me bored and the prospect of hardly interacting with other people was something I didn’t see myself fitting into.

I was very young, should have maybe given it more of a chance but oh well. So today I decided to have a snoop around and see what Web design is all about. Did some very basic html tutorials and it was great fun.

I got stuck and had to figure very stupid things out and filled my mind with so many basic concepts. Fun fun fun, I have forgotten how much I like to study and felt a smidge better knowing my ageing brain got a little exercise for a change. I know it’s not rocket science, but it was fun. :D

Is it that time yet?

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Daddy don’t be scared

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Daddy don’t be scared

I’m not that little girl anymore
Playing with mud or a puzzle on the floor

Daddy don’t be scared

I’m healthy and have grown
Moving through life with the lessons you’ve shown

Daddy don’t be scared

As I grow older I will always remember your hands and grace
Your soft eyes and the lines upon your face

Daddy don’t be scared

I am safe and surrounded by love
And grace and blessings from above

Daddy don’t be scared

Everything will be just fine
In your life as well as in mine



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