Detox update – the misery


Day 3 of my green tea detox started off miserably.. Tea lady still off sick so I thought I have no choice but to skip. After all my hands are completely incapable of preparing my own little cup of green gunkiness.  Big sigh..but enter the wonderful colleague that spoils me with coffee way too often and whalaaa… cup of deliciousness 😦

So I’m on cup number two.. I think the green tea is definitely altering my mood.  I definitely feel like I’m having a PMS day.  Ladies you would understand.  Not the moody I-want to-kill-hubby-and-kids moody, but the I-feel-like-crying-because-that-tampon-add-is-just-so-beautiful moody.  I can’t deal with anything. Dogs on Facebook – sad, Kids on X-Factor – sad, Smiles from people I work with – sad.  I blame the tea.

So what to do when you can’t melt into an unrealistic puddle of sadness.  It really is tough being a women, I’d much rather just scratch my balls and down tons of green tea like a boss.  But it seems my balls have retracted into my body (and yeah girls, this really does happen to men) and left with very little testosterone to man up, I do kinda feel a little fragile.  Yet again, I blame the stupid tea!

Not sure if this was the best idea, but then i haven’t had the greatest world changing ideas of late. None the less I will finish, or I’ll be finished come end of the week. Either way I will keep you updated. Purely because this is so life changing interesting and I’m sure you have nothing better to do with your time but to read this.

P.S  Feel free to shower me with gifts and comments, and and.. seeing as I’m high on green tea and filled with toxic levels of estrogen coursing through my green tinted veins I need all the support I can get 🙂


What would you change about your body??

I came across this video on Facebook. I so wish that all I wanted was a mermaid tail …sigh. I struggle with so many body issues on a daily basis and never really leave my house feeling completely comforable in my skin. I know how women are judged and I always have that looming thought in mind. It wasn’t always like this, and it has nothing to do with me getting older as I look mostly the same other than some wrinkles. I have some blemishes that causes me to cringe when i look in the mirror, and everytime someone looks at me I know that they see it, and they judge because it is so ugly. I don’t really know when things went pear shaped, I don’t really know where I lost the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin… I hope one day it returns and that when that day comes maybe all i would want is a mermaid tail. But for now, if I had the money I would have gone for laser and who knows what all

The Cape Winelands in color

I often wonder how people perceive the world. I adore the Cape Winelands and going to visit my mom and dad always leaves me with a scenic trip that stimulates all my senses. It might only be a twenty minute drive there, but it is always beautiful no matter how turbulent or glorious the weather.

I always look at the mountains and vineyards and my mind automatically tries to formulate which colors I would have to blend to get the specific greens or blues or browns. What a magnificent masterpiece of creation.

I would never paint any landscapes. I know with certainty that I would never be able to capture the essence and beauty of it, and would not be able to do it any justice. There is something so unbelievably spectacular about the shadows cast over the mountains and the soft white clouds slowly creeping over that I feel it cannot be captured.

The air seems crisper and the sheer size of the mountains towering around you, makes you appreciate their stature and power in the scheme of things. The vineyards and the smell of fermenting grapes well on their way to being transformed into glorious ruby red wine and crisp whites are a smell so familiar and pleasant.

It’s truly beautiful and if you have not been there yet, it is well worth a visit.

A lifetime of seasons

Dirty and barefoot she sat under an ancient oak tree. Autumn leaves falling like snowflakes forming a golden carpet of warmth. Watching people pass by… always rushing, with no patience, not a moment to stop or to lend aid. She felt so lost and alone.

Then, through golden sunlight she sees him in the distance. He is standing by a glorious elfin barberry bush. The tiny leaves all smothered in silver-frosted blue-black berries…the remnants from the previous yellow orange spring blossoms. She always loved the barberries, if only he would pick a few and bring them to her. He turns toward her and stares blankly… She so longed for even a brief conversation or a simple, gentle touch. His face with porcelain completion a sight she has grown so accustomed to.

Slowly he turns away, heartbreakingly as he has done every day…she waits…
In his hand a beautiful bunch of glorious barberries, but he doesn’t bring them to her. Her silent tears fall and create freckled spots on the autumn leaves that turn bronze and withers slowly away. Maybe tomorrow.

She lookes down at her bare feet, gently she tries to remove some of the dirt, but it remains. She runs her fingers through her tangled matted hair, she desperately tries to smooth it, but to no avail. Silently she cries….

Sunlight filters through the luscious green leaves of the ancient oak. She lookes up at the barberry bush. There he stands, like always beautiful. But today he lookes different, there are lines of sorrow on his face, of longing. His hair is streaked with shimmering silver. The barberry bush is blooming with buds, he picks a few nestled in between protective thorns. He turns towards her. Why does he not come to her…he hesitates a moment, but turns around and walks away.

Her longing is unbearable. She closes her eyes…so tired…but she cannot rest, she wonderes if she will see him again. Maybe tomorrow.

As she gazes up he is standing at the elfin barberry bush. It is covered in berries, glorious and beautiful. He carefully picks a bunch. Slowly he turns…he starts walking towards her. Her heart leaps. She stands and runs her fingers through her hair, it is smooth under her touch. She looks down at her feet, they are clean. He takes her hand and silently smiles…this was always their most favorite spot. She takes the barberries from him, her soul is once again whole…and he is once again at her side, as he was in life, now in death.