Hop, skip.. Tra-la-laa

•October 20, 2014 • Leave a Comment


What a month! It has wizzed by. I’m completely exhausted with work and life taking it’s toll. In a great way though. It’s been busy but rewarding at the same time. I love a good challenge. Feeling overwhelmed with tasks I think I can’t get through just to prove to myself I could.  Work is amazing, and my personal life even more amazing.

There’s so many exciting things in the near future.  I yet again feel overwhelmed with all the planning required, but I’m also so excited that I want to burst.  Sigh…. Happy happy

Happy Days

•September 12, 2014 • 2 Comments


I’m not sure if it is the change in weather, but it’s difficult not to be in a good mood when you wake up to a glorious day with perfect Cape Town weather.  The last 2 weeks have been beyond hectic and I must admit my mood has not resembled perky perfection at all.  It’s been busy.. Hectic at work..hectic at home. This time of year it seems as if everyone races heading for year end.  I admit I am very lucky… I have an amazing job, so even hectic days are easily forgotten. I have beautiful kids..a whole bunch that fill my life and generously add to my grey hair lol. Sigh…and then I’m blessed with a wonderful friend and partner.

Between all the kids and everything else there is not much room left for anything… But then I suppose that is what a fulfilled life feels like. I often wonder what the purpose of certain things are, and have come to realise that things don’t always happen by chance. There is a hidden purpose for everything. I think the difficulty lies in the ability to be patient enough to wait for time to pass and the reasons to appear and present themselves with the meaning of all they have hidden until that perfect moment where it all makes sense.

Like I said.. I’m not sure if it is the beautiful weather, or the amazing breakfast I shared with my love….but I feel tons of perky happy feelings :mrgreen:

Home sweet home

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HOme sweet home

Wow, i can’t believe i last blogged in June. This year has whizzed by. It seems most of May till July has been a bit of a blur. We have had so many changes in our family. New house, new puppy, all with it’s own challenges. The new house has been a big one. After a very eventful and exciting Christmas, we happened on a little add for a little house for sale, that we thought seemed a little interesting… the rest is now history mixed up somewhere in the blur.

Our house hunting needs were great, we needed 5 bedrooms to accommodate all the kids and definitely needed a bigger kitchen. So we get to this house.. run down and grimy and all we see is potential :) I must say not a lot of people could see it, but we had a plan… So we put in an offer, and wha la– home owners.

The exciting bit was something very far in the future as we knew we had to build one or 2 walls, convert 2 rooms and revamp what we were left with. It was a hectic start to a very exciting end that is still looming closer but not quite reached yet. We worked every night for weeks to get it habitable. This is no joke, when we moved in the house was left in such a grimy mess it had a few self sustaining Eco systems of it’s own. But a few bottles of bleach and lots of scrubbing and it looked a little better.

Just before we moved we got a new puppy and added that in the mix. Between the training and the constant playing there was much to adjust to :). Between renovations, the kids and Lilly (the pup) we have been super busy. It’s been really challenging. Around every corner we saw something new that had to be fixed or revamped. Definitely our little house of horrors. I must say we have done a surprising amount of work and it has completely transformed the previously old, grimy, dated house into a little place we now call home. :)

We still have lots to do, but in time it will get done. i will post some before and after pics of the transformation soon :)

Daddy Dearest

•June 13, 2014 • 1 Comment


Another Father’s day is looming closer. I have been thinking of what i can get my dad, what will show how much i love him etc. Thinking about gifts and what not has made me realize yet again how much i adore my dad. He’s goofy and wears his slippers almost everywhere, but he is also hardworking and a man of integrity. I’m sure he wanted a boy but instead he was left with three girls. I still joke with people and tell them how handy I can be because my father though of us a sons :)

It’s not entirely true, he just empowered us with skills to do things for ourselves, whether it would be drilling a hole or changing a plug or sawing new skirting boards. My dad spoilt us as kids with a cup of coffee in bed every morning to wake us up. It was definitely needed when I was a small child but when I got older I would wake up, hear his footsteps shuffling towards the kitchen, hear the kettle and cups, and wait patiently for my coffee in bed. As an adult I slept over at my parent’s house a few times and would get up early, go say good morning to him in the lounge and he would still get up and go make me coffee.

It might seem like just coffee to some, but for me it was just so much more, and still is. He is a great dad and an amazing granddad :)

Sigh… it’s so difficult to think of gifts that can express that “squeeze-him-to-death” kind of love. I suppose at the end of the day the gifts don’t matter as much as the hugs and kisses.

I hope you all have a wonderful father’s day with your dad’s, and Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there. Hope you get abundant hugs and kisses. :)

Trust .. I think not

•June 10, 2014 • 2 Comments


Trust is such a fragile thing
difficult to share
it leaves you very vulnerable
exposed with what you bare

you put your faith in those very few
hoping that it will be fine
you share the things you never would
over a glass of ruby wine

and suddenly you see the colors as they are
on a day after you spoke
a spectrum you held dear and close
shattered as it broke

suddenly the question marks on why you’re not yourself
but yet you are yourself in every way
it’s just the trust that has disappeared
the trust that has gone away…


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