Golden sunshine rising in all it’s glory
Beautiful African sun
Deprived to see it and tell the story
For fear of staring down a loaded gun

Deepest blue oceans with whitest waves
Beautiful African waters
Violence leading to too many graves
Saddened by unnessesary slaughters

Wild life and culture like no other
Beautiful African life
Family killing brother on brother
Husband killing his wife

Mountains forming a wonderous landscape
Beautiful African wonders
Mouths silenced and covered by tape
Fear filled sky of thunders

Sancturay exceptional in so many ways
Beautiful African home
Unsafe so no one stays
Escaping to a foreign dome

For Africa runs deep in these veins
Engraved in all that we are
Missing the beauty and empty plains
Longing to not be so far


Home is where the heart is

Today I am feeling homesick… It’s difficult to explain. Just desperately need something familiar. I’m going to be an auntie, maybe the thought that I am missing out on so many things that are so important to me, makes me feel this way. Questioning if it is all worth it…the constant hard work, the worry, the tremendous sacrifice.

Speak up…

I thought I would share a recent funny moment with you all.

Monday morning I woke up a little late and rushed the girls to get ready as I wanted to be at work early. Meagan asked if I can stop at the ATM so that she can withdraw some cash.

Feeling a little annoyed, knowing I won’t get to work when I wanted to, I reluctantly stopped. I checked with her that she knows how to withdraw money, she confirmed and popped out of the car to go to the ATM.

As I sit watching her, I see her lean closer to the screen…and then I hear her say “hello….hello….” I jumped out of the car and walked over, asking her what on earth she is doing.

“It said..your voice is your identity” she replied. At this point I was cracking up so much! So I told her it’s an add on the ATM screen for your phone banking.

Very calmly she replied; “well I thought I needed to speak to it before I got my money, so I just said hello”

Definitely made me chuckle 😂