Facebook has been reminding me of past events. I love when cute reminders pop up about the girls, cute things they have said and done, or photos with friends and good times, most of all memories of my partner.

Facebook reminds me of the timeline of events that has shaped me into the person I have become. Cautious, careful, over analyzing.

Through all the bad ‘dates’ and events there have also been so many blessings. Two years ago I had my first market day and sold a ton of art here in NZ. Supported by my beautiful husband we worked so hard to to get our new lives started. We were exhausted, but we spent early mornings laughing about silly things, sipping coffee and chatting to amazing customers we met along the way.

Work got busy and we stopped our 5am Saturday starts. New challenges arose a few months later and we found ourselves in a second job to make sure we could keep up with life and it’s demands. Late late nights mid week and super early Saturday mornings kept us super busy. It was exhausting, but we were in it together. It lasted a couple of months and we were able to move forward without having to do it.

New challenges keep popping up, they require more time, more resources. One thing my Facebook memories remind me of, it that through my journey, the one consistent thing that I could trust and could hold on to, was my husband.

We have come so far, he has been there every step of the way, making sure that I do not falter or fall. I’m so grateful 😊

I miss him so much in my day. He is definitely a value add, a motivator, a listner, my balance, my voice of reason. The person talking me down from the bridge but motivating me to sky dive out of the plane into new opportunities. He keeps me grounded but does not hold me back to pursue anything I want. He is really an all round ‘good guy’ 😊

Feeling blessed to have him!


Caution…wet paint

It has been a while… dusted off my easel and with the smell of freshly opened oil paint, turps and new stretched canvas in the air, it feels like I have gone back to my roots.

It has been years since I have painted with oil. My preferred medium. That’s what I started with and even though I have tried other mediums, I do love the smell and the soft buttery texture of the paint glistening as it dries.

Sigh… #happyplace

Lessons to be learnt

We can learn a lot from children.

Today I was reminded of this after a long conversation with my 12 year old. She has been preparing a speech she had to give for her application for class councillor.

I can almost recite her speech as I have had to listen to it over and over for a week. Asking her how it went she casually replied that everyone laughed at her opening and she knew they were all engaged…

Engaged? My 12 year old knows what this means, and on top of that consciously added something to her speech to achieve this. She always surprised me with her “big” words when she was younger and I am constantly amazed at her mature views on leadership.

On the way to school she told me that she will obviously have to be able to do “this” at some point in her career as a leader. In that moment it just dawned on me. For her there is no question about it, she will be a manager or leader and would need these skills, so best to practise for it now.

She doesn’t over think it and she does not for a moment question her abilities. If only we believed in ourselves as much as we did when we were children, before people came and crushed our spirits or planted doubt in our minds…

I learn a lot from my 12 year old… this time the lesson was ” at least I will not have the what if”s”

She might be tiny, but she is fierce.