Blue cheese Chicken Delight

Out of my very extensive list of about 5 things I can actually cook with some slither of success, my Blue Cheese Chicken Casserole – sounds so professional 🙂  – is one of the favourites amongst my guests.  It is so deliciously glorious and very non-perspiring, effortless to make, with minimal ingredients, which makes the whole cooking process just so much easier as well;

1 Packet of Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs (usually 4 of each)

1 Packet White Onion Soup

1 Packet Button Mushrooms chopped into chunky bits – But I find the more the merrier and you can put in any mushrooms or a mix of black and button or whatever

1 Block Blue Cheese – This too can be more depending on your taste

250ml Cream

Red, yellow, Green peppers chopped or sliced or however it comes out of the food processor

Toss the chicken in an oven dish together with all the other chopped up bits.  Mix the soup into the cream and throw over chicken. Crumble the blue cheese over the top, cover and put into the oven at 180 ° C until cooked – usually about an hour.  Oh and Open the lid for the last 20 or so minutes so that the sauce can reduce a bit, Serve with rice.

Wha laa, Instant, glorious, deliciously creamy satisfaction all in one dish!


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