The Thought of you Grown

The thought of you grown

Oh how my heart aches to think of you grown
To think of you married, or living alone
To think of you working hard every day
To think of you having to say your own say
To think of you sad and filled with sorrow
To think of you worrying over the next tomorrow
To think of you having to pay your own bills
To think of you cleaning up your own spills
To think of you shopping with your own little list
To think of all the moments that I will miss

Does my heart ache from the thought of you grown?
As tears fill my eyes and sorrow my heart
I realize that the thought that is causing me pain
Is the thought my dear daughters of us being apart


6 thoughts on “The Thought of you Grown

  1. The loveline woven by the years together
    That line is strong enough to hold

    The tought of her being happy
    The tought of her being sad

    The right to make her own mistakes
    The right ot fall ing in love

    That is your lifeline
    That is your loveline

    ciao from the dutchcook


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