Oh so artificial snacks

So, with the girls in bed and hubby off to go play squash, I’m left with my electric blanket and a movie….but I’m feeling very adventurous and in the mood to explore through the deep dark box filled with party sweets awaiting to be gobbled up by little ravenous mouths.

Surely I cannot possibly give the children treats without making sure they are safe and tasty šŸ˜‰

First on the list; caramel blasts – exploded corn puffs drenched in rivers of caramel that will blast your taste buds to outer space…lol. It contains sugar, salt, baking soda, glucose powder and separating agent. I wonder what is separates? And yes I’ve had almost 4 packets, but they are only 24g each…

Next on the list; ice-cream mallow gummy. I LOVE these, each individually wrapped, miniature ice-cream cone with marshmallow dipped in sugar and gooey stuff at the bottom…yuuummmyyy.. Ingredients sound a bit dodgey and a lot of hardly pronounceable explanations for a 5g sweet.

Moving on…chocolate pasta – semi soft chocolate in half a straw sized tube that you can squeeze into your mouth. Tastes a bit weird, but hey…it’s fun to squeeze little worms of chocolate into your gaping mouth šŸ™‚
Ingredients written so small it cannot possibly be read…maybe not such a bad thing?

Last, after which I’ll no doubt have another caramel blast into space -chuckle – is the infamous glow in the dark lollipops, or diamond candy with glow sticks. Lots of ingredients of which most only contain an alphabet letter with a number attached. The packet says “press to bright” wha ha ha… That means snap the stick t activate the glow… Made in China
I love asian people!

Munch munch ….


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